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Blended Family Therapy

Blended family therapy in New Jersey with Couples Therapy ServicesHelping Blended Families Blend

Being a part of a blended family comes with its own unique set of challenges and circumstances. When children are attached to multiple parental ties and relationships, there can often be a sense of unease, imbalance, and a lack of cohesion in the family structure. At Couples Therapy Services, we’re here to help you build a sense of peace in your blended home.

Coming Together

When choosing to remarry with children, there are a lot of viewpoints to consider. Children may feel a sense of betrayal and contempt for their step-parent. The new partner may feel like they are always being compared to the old familial structure. Children might even be happy for the parent starting a new relationship but may feel guilt, shame, and a sense of disloyalty to the parent being left behind. We understand that all of these moving parts can create undue hardship and strain on the love between you and your partner. Blended Family Therapy can help.

Finding the Balance

At Couples Therapy Services, we want everyone in your home to feel safe and seen. A trained couples therapy expert can help facilitate sessions that are focused on this unique transition and how you can best show up for your children and each other. Our goal is for you to live a love-filled, secure, and fulfilled life with all the members of your blended family.

Time and again, we’ve seen blended families thrive with the help of a trained professional. Communication is key during this unique time, and it’s imperative that everyone involved in the adjustment is seen, heard, and respected.

The clinicians at Couples Therapy Services practice evidence-based treatment to ensure that there’s a purpose and structure to your sessions. We are a results-driven practice that aims for blended families to take what they’ve learned under the guidance of a trained therapist and use it to live contently for years to come.

All of our therapists have a wide range of experience working with a diverse group of families and circumstances. They will get to know your individual and familial needs while helping you build a foundation of support, compassion, and respect for you and your children.

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