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Discernment Counseling in New Jersey

Is there any hope left?

At Couples Therapy Services, we have helped countless couples bounce back from the brink of divorce. We truly believe that with dedication and commitment, there is the possibility for reconnection and renewal.

Helping you find peace

A lot of times, couples ask questions at the beginning of their discernment counseling like: What if we don’t make it? How do we get through this? In the rare chance that discernment counseling does lead to a parting of ways, we’ll help you navigate the road ahead in a way that leaves as minimal damage as possible. When a couple decides to get divorced, the ramifications can impact the children involved and the rest of the extended family. 

A man and a woman holding hands through a forest. The man on the left is using his other hand to hold the leash of the dog walking next to him. Re-ignite the passion in your relationship with Couples Therapy Services in NJ.

At Couples Therapy Services, we specialize in couples therapy and helping you forge a new path for everyone. We address primary emotions so that healing is achievable for the couple and all others involved. If you do ultimately decide to divorce, we will help you do it in an amicable mutually respectful way.

Evidence-based discernment counseling

At Couples Therapy Services, all of our treatments are based on evidence and aim to yield long-term results. That’s why, when it comes to discernment counseling, we use the only evidence-based method on the market, created by the Doherty Relationship Institute. The goal of Doherty’s Discernment Counseling is to have 1-5 sessions with a trained expert who will help you decide what to do next. Couples that decide not to get divorced may elect to pursue standard couples therapy as an ongoing means to strengthen their relationship.

But what if we’re too broken?

From infidelity to intimacy issues to emotional cheating, to navigating financial duress, our experts at Couples Therapy Services have seen positive results, regardless of the current obstacle you’re facing. As Couples Therapists, it’s always our goal to preserve the relationship and the family. We’ve seen couples with their minds set on divorce find a way through. There’s no such thing as ‘too broken.’

Let Us Help

At Couples Therapy Services, we want both partners to feel seen, heard, and understood during this transitional time. A trained couples therapy expert can help facilitate sessions that are focused on the next steps and how you can best show up for yourselves and each other.

We know that this is an incredibly difficult time in your life, and we want to guide you in the most empathetic and reasonable way possible. Without the help of an unbiased third party, it’s difficult to communicate your needs equally and weigh all of your options. At Couples Therapy Services we understand the significance of seeking couples therapy during tough times, and we aim to offer compassionate guidance tailored to your needs.

Discernment counseling is a great way to look at the entire scope of your relationship and to determine trends that are useful and patterns that are holding you back and preventing you from feeling safe with each other. At Couples Therapy Services in NJ, we firmly believe that even during challenges, there is always a beacon of hope when love serves as the foundation for a partnership.

All of the therapists at Couples Therapy Services have a wide range of experience working with a diverse group of families and circumstances. They will get to know your individual and familial needs, while helping you build a foundation of support, compassion, and respect for you and your children, regardless of what you ultimately decide to do.

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