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Empty Nesters

Rediscovering your sense of purpose

Many parents feel isolated, purposeless, and alone when they no longer have kids living in the house. Oftentimes, the transition is as hard (if not harder) for the parents as it is for the kids moving out. At Couples Therapy Services, we’re here to help you navigate this difficult change and help you re-establish a sense of purpose as a couple.

Thriving in this new phase of life

After decades of caring for children, many parents feel lost, bored, and unsure of what to do with themselves when their kids move. They no longer remember how to interact with each other separate from their children. Couples counseling can help strengthen your bond and reignite your connection. At Couples Therapy Services, the leading couples’ therapy practice in New Jersey, we’ll help you remember what your relationship was like before you had children and use that foundation to build an exciting and dynamic future.

An older couple walking hand in hand down a wooded path, symbolizing their journey together. This image represents the support and guidance offered by Couples Therapy Services in New Jersey to help empty nesters reconnect and rediscover their purpose.

Celebrating yourselves, your children, and each other

At Couples Therapy Services, we want to help each of you discover a sense of fulfillment inside and outside of the relationship. A trained couples therapy expert can help facilitate sessions that are focused on this unique transition and fill the time you would have normally spent taking care of your kids. Our goal is for you to embrace this new identity and to have healthy and strong relationships with yourselves, each other, and your adult children.

Communication is key during this unique time, and it’s imperative that no one suffers in silence. Empty-Nester anxiety is more common than you think. You aren’t alone. The clinicians at Couples Therapy Services practice evidence-based treatment to ensure that there’s a purpose and structure to your sessions. We are a results-driven practice that aims for partners to take what they’ve learned under the guidance of a trained therapist and use it to live contently for years to come.

All of our therapists have a wide range of experience working with a diverse group of families and circumstances. They will get to know your individual and familial needs while helping you build a foundation of support, compassion, and respect for you and your children.

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