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Individual Therapy in New Jersey

Taking care of yourself can improve your relationship with your partner

In couples therapy, partners work on healing old wounds, confronting past traumas, and focusing on areas of deep self-reflection. At times, this can lead to an uncomfortable awareness of ourselves and what we personally need to work on. While couples therapy can be one of the most meaningful journeys you embark on as a unit, it’s equally as important to take care of your individual needs and emotional well-being while processing relationships.

Individual therapy offers a dedicated space for self-exploration, allowing individuals to delve into their pasts, uncover patterns, and develop a deep understanding of their emotions and triggers. You can identify unresolved traumas, negative belief systems, and unproductive behaviors that might unknowingly contribute to your relationship. 

Our psychotherapists offer a safe space to process

Whether you’re seeing a therapist in our practice for couples therapy or not, all of our Couples Therapy Services psychotherapists are trained in multi-individual-centered modalities and can offer you a place to feel understood, validated, and on a path toward healthier relationships and more meaningful connections. Click here to learn more about our therapists. 

Is individual therapy at CTS right for you?

Every member of the staff at Couples Therapy Services is a relationship expert, so whether you’re struggling with friendships, family issues, work relationships, or romantic partnerships, we’re a good resource for you. Our therapists are trained in helping people navigate the nuances of interpersonal connection.

A way forward

In therapy, you can identify the personal stories and perceptions that have been holding you back and rewrite the narrative. More often than not, patterns and habits stem from messaging we received at some point in our lives.

A good therapist can help you separate your perception from objective reality and can help you to feel more confident, self-assured, and more deeply connected to the people around you. In therapy, you’ll develop skills and ways of thinking that will increase your overall quality of life.

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If you are struggling in your relationship with communication, infidelity, or anything else, we can help. We currently offer in-person sessions in Manalapan and Princeton, New Jersey. We offer virtual couples counseling sessions for all of New Jersey!

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Relationships are complex, dynamic journeys that bring together two individuals with their own histories, personalities, and emotional experiences. Each partner joins together to contribute to the beauty of the relationship.

Individual therapy can be a catalyst for personal growth that enriches the collective bond.