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Recovering from Infidelity

It is possible to heal from infidelity - Recovering from Infidelity in new JerseyIt is easy to judge someone who cheats without understanding that the disloyal behavior often has a root cause and is an attempt to meet a need that isn’t being met. Recovering from infidelity is not easy, but it is possible.

Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Caryl Rusbult, and Dr. Shirley Glass identified the steps that lead a person to have an affair as

  1. Not feeling their partner is there for them
  2. Avoiding conflict when it only leads to arguments instead of getting needs met
  3. Maximizing negative interactions and minimizing positive experiences
  4. Losing trust and fantasizing about an ideal partner
  5. Feeling lonely, resentful, and turning towards others for intimacy.

Recovering from infidelity is possible

We believe that it is possible to recover from infidelity. We use the Gottman method to address hurt from both sides and recreate the sacred space of a trusting, loving, secure relationship.

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