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Tools to Strengthen Your Relationship

Learn tools to strengthen your relationship. Couples Therapy Services offers appointments in New Jersey.Couples that have more positive interactions than negative ones are less likely to divorce or break up. Judging, criticizing, or being condescending to your partner frames the way you see them negatively and influences your beliefs about their behavior. When we give our partner the benefit of the doubt and see their behavior neutrally (I realize they were too anxious or angry in this moment to connect with me and understand how I feel), we are able to feel compassion and the process of repairing the conflict goes more smoothly. How can you feel gratitude and appreciation for your partner; where do you feel seen, heard, or loved in your relationship, even if you experience ups and downs?

Couples Therapy Services, LLC provides therapy to couples in all walks of life, pre-marital, married couples, couples navigating a new child or children, high-conflict couples, or couples considering divorce. Our team of experienced therapists can walk you through developing communication skills, increasing positive interactions, and decreasing judgments and conflict. We provide a safe, trusting space where couples can be vulnerable and get to the root of the issues causing pain and disconnect in their relationship. Trust us, it’s not just about taking out the trash or washing dishes. Couples Therapy Services provides multiple tools to help to strengthen your relationship. Contact us for relationship help in New Jersey.

Couples Therapy Services, LLC is proudly based in New Jersey and offers services in a variety of ways to meet your needs. We provide one-on-one counseling, group counseling with other couples, and workshops to learn skills. Counseling can be provided in-office in Manalapan or Princeton or via telehealth on a secure HIPAA-complaint platform. Late evening appointments are available for couples who need to meet after work hours.

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